Urban English Adventure
Immersion Course
Boston and New York City

Discover the city using your English.
Talk with real native local people.
Compete in English challenges.
Get confident in English.
3 days
32 program hours
12 hours with native speakers
"Personally, I cannot compare to the other traditional English classes because AEE program is AMAZING!!! English class teaches the language, English, but AEE program teaches the deeper level of our real life in English through our experiences."

"This program is more valuable ($) than a traditional language school because is performed day by day trough the real life in all kind of situations during the each day, besides is the best oportunity to have a depth conversations with real natives"
"Real, natural, enjoyable. That's for me was the best of all. On monday, I really missed the course. That's the main indicator that the course was good."

"Everybody was passionate, not like in language schools. Everybody wanted to connect and that's why the group was so much fun to be in. "I liked the interaction with locals in little games and the chance to get to know all of them. I liked to experience the American culture "live", the input of cultural relevance (of the city, the accent, sports) and participating in them as "supporter" or "fan" and not like tourist so much"
"It's more valuable than a traditional language school because the students have the opportunity to interact with native speakers in real life English at variety situations. The venue of studying will be changed to various places around the city which keep motivate and encourage the students' interest. Studying format is not boring."

"They can feel the challenge of overcoming their fear in communicating in English with the help of their team members and native speakers who are there to support them at hand.They will be inspired to keep growing in their English studying journey."
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